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2017 Early Career Nutrition Leadership Institute

The application period for the Dannon Institute Nutrition Leadership is now closed. Please visit the website in December 2017 for information on future programs.

What is the Dannon Institute?

The Dannon Institute is a separately incorporated, 501c3 nonprofit foundation dedicated to non-commercial activities. It was established as an independent foundation to promote research, education and communication about the link between nutrition and good health. The Dannon Institute's main objective is to facilitate behavior changes that lead to healthier lifestyles for you and your family.

The Dannon Institute in the United States is just one of several Danone Institutes created worldwide by Danone, the ultimate parent company of The Dannon Company, Inc. All of the Danone Institutes worldwide share the same mission.

Why did The Dannon Company, Inc. establish the Dannon Institute?

At The Dannon Company, Inc., we understand that we have a responsibility to our consumers that goes beyond the commercial aspect of our business. Establishing the Dannon Institute is just one step that we have made in our commitment to health and our desire to inform families about the importance of nutrition.

What is the focus of the Dannon Institute?

The Dannon Institute is presently focusing its efforts on areas in the field of nutrition that its Board of Directors and Scientific Council feel need greater attention in the United States. These include:

  • Children's nutrition; especially preschool nutrition education
  • Fostering the growth of tomorrow's leaders in the field of nutrition
Are the Dannon Institute programs about the benefits of yogurt?

No. The Dannon Institute focuses on the benefits of general nutrition, based on the USDA MyPlate, which includes all food groups required for good health.

Does the Dannon Institute support only nutrition research and education related to yogurt and dairy products?

No. We at the Dannon Institute are dedicated to promoting research, education and communication about the link between overall nutrition and good health - understanding that dairy products are just one element of a healthy, well-balanced diet. Our programs are dedicated only to non-commercial activities. To ensure this, the Dannon Institute is guided by an independent group of prominent nutrition experts from throughout the country who devote their time and energy to the foundation.

Who is on the Dannon Institute Board of Directors?

The Board of Directors is made up of both independent experts in nutrition science and business leaders of The Dannon Company, Inc. The nutrition scientists establish program direction, determine recipients of funding and are closely involved in all Dannon Institute programs. Dannon managers offer communication support, program development and management expertise.