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Healthy Steps Forward Download "Assessing Your School Wellness Policy"


During the 2009 Texas Association for School Administrators conference the Dannon Institute conducted a 1 hour presentation, "Your School Wellness Policy - 5 Solutions to 5 Common Problems." The presenters were Greg Welk, Associate Professor at Iowa State University and the Scientific Director for FitnessGram, and Rich Abramson, a School Superintendent from Maine. In the following series of videos Greg and Rich discuss practical solutions to addressing your school wellness policy.
Part 1 - Obtaining buy in from students and parents
Part 2 - Tips for school administrators including food options, financial realities, and how to add physical activity to the day and the importance of doing so
Part 3 - The role of the school administrator in the wellness policy and obstacles to assessing your policy and programs
Part 4 - Questions for experts from Texas Superintendents


School Wellness Policy Checklist
A simple checklist to rate physical activity and nutrition components of a district school wellness policy
Checklist for Food and Beverage Items
An assessment form that looks at offerings in a high school cafeteria a la carte line
Principal Survey
A checklist examining food and physical activity wellness policies at the school level


Webinar, October 20, 2009, "Maintaining School Wellness During Tight Budget Times"
Webinar, October 21, 2008, "School Wellness Policies: Do you have one – and is it