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School Wellness - Healthy Steps Forward

The Dannon Institute understands that school administrators are looking for quick, accurate information related to school wellness. Written by nutrition professionals, the following school wellness minute papers and tip sheets are designed for school administrators to share with staff and with parents during meetings or newsletters.

School Wellness Minute Papers

Alternative to Foods as a Reward
Why food should not be used as a reward or punishment for a child's behavior
Creating Faculty Staff Wellness Programs
Ideas on why and how to create faculty staff wellness programs in schools
The Dollar Power of Disease Prevention
Decreasing health care costs by combating disease early-on
Egg Allergy
Important information regarding egg allergies
Evaluating School Wellness Programs
Ideas on why and how to evaluate your school wellness programs
Food in Schools: Not Just In the Cafeteria
Alternatives to providing food in the school environment as rewards, at celebrations, and for fundraisers
Food Insecurity & the Obesity-Hunger Conundrum
Information on the relationship between obesity and hunger and how they can exist side by side
Gluten Intolerance
Important information regarding gluten intolerance
How Do Schools Deal with Kids who Come to School Hungry
Ideas for how schools can address hunger
How to Fund New Wellness Programs and Initiatives: Out of the Box Solutions
Ideas about partnerships that can be formed to facilitate new wellness programs and initiatives
Is Fruit Juice a Healthy Beverage for Kids? Isn't it Full of Sugar?
Dispelling the myths associated with fruit juice consumption by children
Lactose Intolerance
Information on lactose intolerance including the rules regarding nondairy beverage alternatives in school lunch and breakfast programs
Marketing Sells Meals! Suggestions for Your National School Lunch Programs
Tips for improving school meal programs while staying within the USDA and Dietary Guidelines, and making National School Lunch Program meals attractive to students
Important information regarding nut allergies
Providing Economical and Healthy School Foods
Providing healthy school food options while considering budget
Snack Bar / A La Carte Foods In Schools
Competitive foods and why guidelines for them should be enacted as part of the school wellness policy
Vending Machine Foods
Information regarding healthy food and beverage choices for school vending machines

School Wellness Tip Sheets

Children's Physical Activity Guidelines
An overview of activity recommendations from the National Association for Sport and Physical Education
Considerations in Low-Income Communities
Recommendations for how to make school a "healthy place" for children in low-income communities
Evaluating School Wellness Programs
Tips for administrators on how to plan a highly targeted and useful evaluation of your school wellness program
Good Nutrition Conveniently
The 2010 Child Nutrition Reauthorization Act and what it means for school meals - Recommendations and Sample Food Ideas
Healthier Fundraising Choices
Tips and resources for non-food fundraisers
How to Fund New Wellness Programs and Initiatives: Out of the Box Solutions
A list of potential partnership opportunities that can be formed to facilitate new wellness programs and initiatives
How to Make Farm to School Programs More Successful
Information on implementing successful farm to school programs
Increasing Parent Buy-In
Helpful hints on how to bridge the gap between home and school
Obesity Fact Sheet
Information on childhood obesity and prevention
Providing Economical and Healthy School Foods
Strategies for providing healthy food options while controlling costs
Recess Before Lunch
The benefits of having recess before lunch and things to consider when implementing this schedule
The School Food Environment
A summary of the components of the school food environment, including the cafeteria, vending, and classroom food policies
Strength Training for Children
Information on appropriate strength training for children of different ages
Worksite Wellness Programming in Schools
Tips on how to facilitate worksite wellness programming in schools